Scriptharness 0.1.0 Release Notes


This is the first scriptharness release.

What’s New

  • python 2.7, 3.2-3.5 support
  • unicode support on 2.7 (3.x gets it for free)
  • no more mixins
  • no more query_abs_dirs()
  • argparse instead of optparse
  • virtualenv instead of clone-and-run
  • because of virtualenv model, requests instead of urllib2
  • LoggingDict to allow and log config changes
  • LogMethod decorator to add simple logging to any function or method
  • ScriptManager object like logging.Manager
  • Action functions can be module-level functions
  • multiple Script model, though running multiple Scripts is currently untested
  • choice of StrictScript for ReadOnlyDict usage
  • all preflight and postflight functions are listeners
  • for faster learning curve
  • readthedocs + full docstrings for faster learning curve
  • 100% coverage
  • pylint 10.00

Known Issues

  • run_command() and get_output_from_command() are not yet ported
  • hardcodes port 8001
  • 1 broken test on Windows python 2.7: cgi httpserver call downloads cgi script
  • 5 disabled tests on Windows python 3.4
  • currently only one way to enable/disable actions: –actions